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Though you probably don’t give it much thought, the electrical system in modern cars is central to every operation and function of your vehicle. Having a well-functioning electrical system and reliable battery isn’t just helpful for the reliability of your vehicle; it’s essential for the secondary functions we take for granted.

Older vehicles had manual locks and windows, water pumps driven entirely by belts, and often could operate at least somewhat well even if their electrical system wasn’t in perfect working order. After all, it wasn’t until the 70s that computers and electronics became a standard and integral part of our cars.

On the other hand, some newer cars are as much computers as they are cars.  Electric and hybrid vehicles, in particular, rely heavily on their many electric subsystems to function. Jason’s Auto houses a full retail battery center, allowing us to provide comprehensive electrical service to most typical vehicles.

Signs You Need A New Battery or Electrical System Repairs

There are many common indicators that you need to pay attention to in your vehicle’s electrical health.

  • Your vehicle won’t start at all. 
  • Your car struggles to start, and when you turn your key, you hear clicking, grinding, or no sound at all.
  • Interior or dashboard lights do not illuminate properly or not at all.
  • Your vehicle runs well, but the headlights dim while you’re traveling at low speeds or idling at a stop.
  • You smell burning plastic or electrical insulation when your drive.

If you’re seeing or smelling these warning signs, you should make an appointment today to get your vehicle looked at by one of our mechanics.

Full-Service Battery Services

Battery Retail Store

We have a full-service battery retail store.  This means that we have just about every possible car battery in stock and ready to go.  It also means we have the best prices on batteries among mechanics since there’s no markup on the price of your battery.  Many mechanics come to us to buy batteries because we have a great price and great product quality.

Battery Replacement

We’ve all been there.  You get up before the sun on the first really cold day of a Maine winter and bundle yourself into your car, praying for warmth and dreaming of a hot coffee from Dunk’s. But when you go to start the car, all you hear is impotent clicking.  That clattering doom is followed by swearing, calling into work, and struggling to get a jump from your neighbor before they go to work. 

Or, you could skip all that and get your battery replaced.  A new, reliable battery will last you years, even in brutal Maine winters.  As the core of any functioning vehicle electrical system, batteries are very important to the reliability of your car.

Electrical System and Alternator

A traditional car electrical system is fairly simple.  There’s a battery that holds a charge so your starter can ignite your engine, an alternator that powers your car during operation and recharges the battery, and wiring for your lights, various sensors, power locks, windows, and so on. Starters are also very important under this as well. Having a bad starter can have the same symptoms as a bad battery or alternator. The hard part is figuring out exactly what’s wrong with your electrical system and fixing it.  Finding one loose wire in an entire vehicle can be maddeningly difficult.  That and the dangers of working with electricity are why you should leave these repairs to the pros at Jason’s Auto Center. 

No auto repair job is too large or too small for our car repair shops in Biddeford and Hollis, serving Dayton, Saco, Arundel, Standish, Waterboro, Gorham, and beyond in Southern Maine. Stop by for a free courtesy inspection, or give us a call today at 207-929-4131!