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A vehicle’s battery offers energy to its electronic system, starts its engine, powers its air conditioning, and more. Without a properly functioning battery, your car will not work, and you can find yourself stranded in the middle of the road. Since car batteries are used so frequently, they drain or get damaged over time. Jason’s Auto Service offers professional car battery replacement to help you replace your damaged battery with a new one.

Signs Your Battery Needs Servicing or Replacement

Here are some compelling signs of a failing or weak battery:

Delayed Start Time

If you need to step on the gas to start your car continuously, your battery might not be performing optimally.

Dim Headlights

Dimming headlights are one of the foremost signs of a weak battery. If you notice your headlights are weak or the other electrical components of your vehicle are not functioning appropriately, come to us for a car battery replacement or servicing.

Flashing Battery Light

If your car’s dashboard light turns on, it most likely means that there is an issue with your vehicle’s battery.

Engine Does Not Start

If your car does not start and you hear a clicking noise coming from underneath your vehicle’s hood, you might have a dead battery. Visit Jason’s Auto Service for a battery service to get your battery tested by expert technicians.

Battery Inspection Service

Our seasoned mechanics will provide you with a thorough battery inspection. We will ensure that your car’s battery is free of dirt and other residues, as a dirty battery will drain quicker. Our mechanics will also check for corrosion at the battery cable terminals. Corrosion can interfere with your battery’s performance and damage it quickly. 

We will also check for corroded cables as rust can eat through the cable. Our technicians will ensure the cables are tight. After performing a comprehensive car battery service, we will give you the final verdict and let you know whether your battery is in top shape, needs some servicing, or should be replaced.

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How Often Should You Replace Your Car’s Batteries?

Most car batteries need to be replaced every few years. However, your batter’s performance and longevity will depend on the conditions in which you drive. For instance, batteries are quite sensitive to weather changes. If your area experiences a significant change in weather during the seasons, you will need to replace your batteries more quickly. 

Moreover, continued use of your vehicle’s electrical components will also shorten your battery’s life. Eventually, your car’s battery will lose its juice, causing you to jump-start your car more and more frequently. That’s when it’s time to come to us for a car battery replacement.

Battery Replacement Service

At Jason’s Auto Repair, you will have the expertise of seasoned mechanics who will help you choose the ideal battery for your vehicle and use. If you require more power to counter extreme weather or need more reserve capacity, we will help you choose the perfect heavy-duty battery that will fit into your vehicle without causing a safety hazard. 

Rest assured, we will listen to your needs and offer you a new car battery that fulfills them. Our mechanics will disconnect and take out your old battery and replace it with a top-quality, long-lasting one while offering top-notch customer service and answering all your questions.

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So, if you want a new car battery or your old one needs servicing, get in touch with Jason’s Auto Service today.