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An Overview of Our Services

Your vehicle’s electrical system includes its battery, alternator, and starter. Whether your battery is dead or your car won’t start, the problem is often due to an electrical issue. The technicians at Jason’s Auto Service can repair your vehicle’s electrical system to ensure you don’t face these issues in the future.


An alternator is a device that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. It’s an essential part of your vehicle’s engine; alternator failure will result in your car not starting. We can inspect your alternator and fix the issues to quickly get you back on the road.


A car’s battery supplies electric energy to the ignition system, lights, and starter motor. Vehicle batteries need to be replaced eventually due to gradual deterioration, corrosion, or damage. We offer battery testing, charging, repair, and replacement service to ensure your vehicle functions optimally.


A starter is an electric motor in your vehicle that rotates its internal combustion engine to start the engine. Starter failure translates to vehicle failure. Our experienced technicians can handle all your starter repairs and replacement needs.

Signs of a Malfunctioning Electrical System

If you are experiencing the following problems, your electrical system might be damaged and need repairs or replacement:

  • A dead battery
  • Starter troubles
  • Dim headlights
  • A whining or growling sound
  • A switched-on battery light
  • The smell of burning wires or burning rubber
Jason's Auto Shop

Electrical Auto Repair Services

If your vehicle is exhibiting electrical problems with its battery, alternator, or starter, bring your vehicle to Jason’s Auto Service store. Our seasoned auto repair technicians will inspect every component of your vehicle’s electrical system to determine if there is anything wrong with your battery, alternator, or starter. We will discuss the issues you were facing, discover your pain points, and provide you with an appropriate repair or replacement course of action. 

Whether your car won’t start or your dashboard lights are flickering, we will fix all your problems. We will perform diagnostic and comprehensive electrical tests to determine the underlying issues, such as a dead battery or damaged electrical cables. This way, we will assess the health of your alternator and battery. Our ASE-certified technicians will also check the operating functions of your vehicle’s electrical system at idle, under high voltage loads, and during high RPMs. It will help us ascertain everything is working as it should be and fix the components that need maintenance and repairs.

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