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Is your car overheating? Are you dealing with leaking antifreeze? The possible reason that ties these two issues is a faltering water pump. Your vehicle’s water pump is essentially the heart of its cooling system as it circulates cold fluid throughout. Jason’s Auto Service has technicians and mechanics well-versed in maintaining and replacing water pumps in all types of vehicles. If your water pump is damaged or needs maintenance, we can replace it or fix it up right away.

Signs of a Failing Water Pump

A water pump is an essential part of your vehicle’s cooling system. Its primary purpose is to circulate coolant from your car’s radiator to its engine block to prevent your vehicle from overheating. Even though modern eater pumps are pretty robust, they can still fail after 40,000 to 100,000 miles. It’s because the water pump is the only real moving part in your vehicle’s cooling system, making it more susceptible to damage and leaks. 

Here are some signs of a failing water pump:


Since a faulty water pump cannot circulate coolant through your vehicle’s engine, it will result in your car overheating. The hotter your engine gets, the greater the risk will be of significant engine damage. So, if you spot steam from the engine and know that your vehicle is running too hot, don’t drive your car and call us right away.

Leaking Antifreeze

Leaking antifreeze is a clear sign that your water pump is bust. The coolant or antifreeze is stored inside the pump and protected by a series of seals and gaskets. Once these parts get cracked, damaged, or loosen, the antifreeze will leak out of the pump. It can be orange, green, or red-colored.

Whining Noises

If your engine is making a whining noise, it could be a sign that your water pump is dying. The water pump uses a belt or pulley, and if this belt is loose, it will make a whining noise. This noise can also be caused by damaged bearings inside the pump’s motor.

Corroded Pump

Pop the hood of your vehicle and look for tiny holes or rust on the exterior of the water pump. Air seeping through its pressure cap, dirty engine coolant, age, and mineral buildup can cause corrosion in the pump. If the pump is corroded, you will need to get it replaced.

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Water Pump Replacement & Maintenance

The technicians at Jason’s Auto Service have the experience, knowledge, and tools to replace all types of water pumps from varied vehicles. We will inspect your water pump for damage, leaks, bushing wear, etc., and then replace it quickly and effectively. We will also inspect the rest of your cooling system to ensure everything is in prime condition.

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So, if you want to keep your car from overheating, get in touch with Jason’s Auto Service. Our seasoned technicians will examine your vehicle’s water pump and replace it if needed. We will also give you tips on maintaining it to extend its lifetime.