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Your car’s transmission is one of the most vital components that ensure its smooth and optimal operations. If your transmission has problems, it can negatively affect the performance of your car.

At Jason’s Auto Repair, we help our customers keep an eye out on the health of their car’s transmission. Our certified technicians can perform a complete transmission check and ensure that the system runs efficiently.

What Is A Car’s Transmission?

A vehicle’s transmission consists of various gears and sensors and serves as a link between your car’s engine and the wheels. The system ensures that the energy generated by the engine is smoothly transferred to the tires, offering a smoother, safer, and more controlled ride.

However, this activity results in a considerable amount of heat emission. The transmission fluid is responsible for keeping the system too hot and preventing damage. However, when this fluid becomes old and accumulates debris, it becomes less efficient and will not be able to keep your transmission cool. As a result, the system may sustain heat damage.

When this happens, your car will experience various problems.

When Does Your Car’s Transmission Need Maintenance?

As a responsible car owner, it is important that you be aware of the signs that something is wrong with the transmission. Common problems may include:

  • Loss of power when you accelerate the car
  • Lower miles per gallon
  • Unable to switch gears efficiently/ rough shifting
  • Transmission slipping
  • Burning smell
  • Grinding or chattering noise coming from the transmission
  • Leakage of transmission fluid
  • Automatic slippage
  • Car is unable to move
  • Check engine light is on
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Transmission Services At Jason’s Auto Service

At Jason’s Auto Service, we offer an extensive selection of services for vehicle transmission, including fluid top-up, filter change, and filter flush. We offer quick and effective repairs and fixes for your most common transmission problems, ensuring smooth shifting, better vehicle performance, and longer car life.

With cutting-edge equipment, our auto repair service provider can repair and replace all sorts of transmissions, whether you drive a manual car or an automatic one.

Our ASE-certified mechanics provide comprehensive transmission fluid service and ensure your transmission runs smoothly. We strongly recommend you get your transmission fluid exchanged every 50,000 miles, depending on the road conditions and your driving habits. We can flush out your old transmission fluid, clean out your entire transmission system, and top it up with the correct, premium-quality fluid.

We will also recommend a fluid and filter service after 100,000 miles. Once you have hit that mark, we will evaluate the condition of your fluid and give you our best professional advice on what to do.

At Jason’s Auto Service, we will perform:

  • Preventive maintenance service to prevent any transmission problems by nipping them in the bud. 
  • Repairs to the transmission exterior without removing the transmission
  • Replacing leaking external seals in the transmission
  • Assessing all the internal components of the transmission

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If you notice that your transmission is experiencing issues, you need to bring your car around to us as soon as possible. An improperly working transmission can cause serious accidents and result in comprehensive damage to the car.

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