Power Steering

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Have you ever noticed that you can’t turn the steering wheel when you switch your car off? This is because most modern vehicles are equipped with power steering, which involves the use of a finely-calibrated pressure system that gives you more control to steer your car on the road.

When there is a problem with your power steering system, it can be hard to turn your car and make driving less safe on busy highways.

At Jason’s Auto Service, we can fix your power steering and help you get back on the road as safely as possible in no time.

Power Steering Services We Offer

If you have ever driven a car that does not have power steering, then you will appreciate how much this system improves the control and steering of your car, particularly when you are maneuvering your car at a slow speed.

The power steering system involves the use of a hydraulic system that enhances the effort you put into turning your steering wheel so that even a slight turn makes your car’s wheel turn easily.

Since the system transforms a light force into a strong one, it is under a lot of stress. Because of this, the power steering system will need maintenance every now and then.

Problems Associated with Power Steering

Since the power steering system generates hundreds of pounds of force, it is susceptible to wear or tear and breakdowns. Some of the most common power steering problems include:

Fluid Leak

Your power steering system can start leaking power steering fluid at any point in the system. The fluid lines may crack and leak, the rack and pinion unit cylinder may develop holes, or the pump itself may become compromised. All of this can happen due to the high pressure of the liquid.

If the system develops a leak, the fluid levels will drop, which will result in ineffective power steering. As a result, you will feel it has become hard to turn your car. 

Some signs that your power steering system has a leak include liquid spilled beneath your car, a strange noise from your hood, and difficulty in turning the wheel.

Contaminated Fluid

Over time, power steering fluid will also build up debris from worn bits of metal and plastic from inside the system. The power steering system does not have a main filter, so debris can accumulate if you do not flush the system. If there is too much build-up, it will damage the cylinder, fuel lines, and the pump.

At Jason’s Auto Service, we will remove the contaminated power steering fluid and clear out the debris in the system. We will then top your system off with new fluid. Typically, we recommend power steering flushes be performed every 30,000 miles.

Pump Issues

The power steering pump has a belt that runs from the crankshaft in the engine. This belt can crack or wear out over time. If this belt breaks, you will not be able to use the power steering function.

The pump can also wear out, which means it will not be able to pressurize the fluid, thereby reducing your power steering system’s efficiency. You may hear some strange noises coming from your hood when you turn the wheel that indicate something is wrong with the power steering power.

At Jason’s Auto Service, our certified mechanics will inspect the belt and pump during preventive maintenance, ensuring they are in good working order.

Malfunctioning Rack

The power steering rack is the key component of your power steering system. If this rack breaks down, it can lead to several dangerous issues, which can make it almost impossible to handle your car on the road.

If you feel that your steering wheel is unusually tight or you hear a grinding noise when you turn the wheel, it indicates a failing power steering rack. You may also notice fluid leaking from the rack.

If you notice any of these signs, it is important that you bring your car to us as quickly as possible.

Schedule Power Steering System Maintenance

Keeping your power steering system maintained can extend the life of your system, afford you better steering ability and control on the road, and prevent the risk of damage to other parts of your car.

At Jason’s Auto Service, our team of certified and insured mechanics will thoroughly check your car’s power steering system, repair any worn-out components and ensure the power steering fluid level is correct. If there is any other serious issue with your car, we will also inspect and give it a customized treatment.

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