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A vehicle’s brake has multiple components, including brake pads, shoes, drums, springs, pistons, wheels, rotors, hoses, calipers, and more. Each of these components should be working optimally to ensure your braking system is working properly. At Jason’s Auto Service, you can get a comprehensive brake repair and brake pad replacement service to replace all the broken, damaged, and worn parts of your brakes and repair or maintain the system to ensure your safety.  

Seamless Brake Repair Service

We have ASE-certified technicians who are expert diagnosticians who can offer you exceptional brake service. We have a rigorous brake system evaluation process that allows us to determine what’s wrong with your brakes and offer effective and quick brake repair to fix the issues to maintain your car’s performance, safety, and comfort.

Professional Brake Pad Replacement

Brake pads allow your vehicle to slow down or stop to ensure your safety and comfort on the road. These pads work by squeezing together onto the spinning disk rotor, slowing your vehicle down, or bringing it to a stop when you dress down on the brakes. However, these pads gradually wear out due to friction. 

Brake pads usually last around 50,000 miles. This figure can change depending on your driving habits and where you drive. With that said, brake pads are engineered to maintain steady braking until they wear too thin to offer appropriate friction, which is when they should be replaced. Regular inspection of your brakes will help you determine when the right time to replace them is.

Jason’s Auto Service offers effective brake repair and brake pad replacement services. Our technicians and mechanics will ensure that your vehicle’s brake is functioning optimally and your brake pads are in top condition. We will replace your old pads with top-quality ones and give you industry advice on prolonging their life, such as avoiding unnecessary braking, keeping your vehicle lightweight, and spraying off your brakes when you wash your vehicle.

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Brake Drum & Shoe Replacement Service

The technicians at Jason’s Auto Service also offer effective brake drum replacement for all types of vehicles. Rear drum brakes create serious friction and heat as they slow down your vehicle, which results in their braking system getting degraded over time. When your brake drums and shoes deteriorate, you can hear squealing, screeching, and grinding noises as the brake shoes rub against the brake drums.  

Worn brake shoes and drums can be a result of insignificant lubrication, wheel cylinders not getting enough brake fluid, worn springs, etc. Since driving on worn or damaged drum brakes and shoes can put your life in danger, you must get them repaired right away. Our mechanics can inspect your braking system’s components, including the springs, shoes, and drums, and replace everything that is too worn to be used to ensure your safety on the road. 

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So, if you want to get a professional brake pad replacement and a more thorough brake repair and service, get in touch with Jason’s Auto Service today. Our mechanics are well-versed in repairing the brake system of all types, models, and makes of vehicles.