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As a responsible car owner, you keep your car in good shape. However, there are some maintenance aspects that you are probably not aware of, including the servicing of your car’s fuel injector, that can improve the performance of your vehicle and extend its life.

At Jason’s Auto Service, we offer you fuel injector services in Hollis and Biddeford as part of your car maintenance program.

Fuel Injection Services We Offer

Gasoline fuel injectors are designed to last for 50,000 to 100,000 miles. However, like every component of the car, fuel injectors can become clogged and damaged due to harmful deposits that can build up inside its nozzles over time. These deposits can also block the micro-filter of the field injector, disrupt the spray pattern, and cause uneven engine combustion.

If you are experiencing problems with your engine, it may be due to a clogged fuel injector. At Jason’s Auto Service, we can help clean and restore your fuel injector and make it as good as new.

During a fuel injector service, our expert mechanics will inspect all the connections in your fuel system as well as the pressure regulator, the fuel lines, and the fuel rail. We will then meticulously clean the fuel injectors, the throttle body, and the air intake.

Once that is done, we will perform a pressure test on the fuel pump and will get rid of the carbon deposits in other parts of the fuel system, including the exhaust valve.

Lastly, we will perform an exhaust emission test to ensure no thick and dark fumes are emitted and the system is working optimally again.

At Jason’s Auto Service, our range of full injector services include:

  • Inspection of the injectors, both internally and externally
  • Testing the injectors for current draw, inductance, resistance, and shorts
  • Performing and recording leak tests, flow rate tests, and spray pattern tests
  • Performing ultrasonic cleaning and high-pressure back-flush
  • Installation of the new filter basket, pintle caps, and o-rings, on an as-needed basis

Why Should You Service Your Fuel Injectors

Wear and tear and deposit buildup is inevitable the more you use your car. This can damage your fuel system and lead to potential damage to other parts of the engine as well. Some issues that can occur are:

  • Rough idling
  • Lurching or repeated stalling
  • Poor acceleration
  • Inefficient fuel mileage
  • Engine warning lights turning on

Here are some reasons why you need to service your fuel injectors.


Just an 8% restriction in a fuel injector is enough to prevent your car from starting easily. It can lead to car misfires, rough idling, a sudden surge, or high emission output. The diameter of the nozzle hole of the fuel injector is just 0.1 mm, so even a deposit that is one-tenth of that thickness can result in operational issues.

Fuel Contamination

The fuel can be contaminated due to any number of reasons. Your car’s fuel tank will deposit pieces of metal and plastic into the fuel, which can lead to contamination over time. Moreover, the fuel may be slightly contaminated even before it was put in your car, from the tanker ships or delivery trucks that delivered the fuel to gas stations. Some of the contamination will be filtered out by the filter; however, some particles will eventually make it past the fuel filters and injector inlet screens, resulting in deposits.

Heat Sink

Once the engine stops running, the injectors become a heatsink area. This excess heat will bake the waxy substances found in gasoline into a hard deposit which will clog the injector over time. The hotter the place, the more clogging will occur in that part of the injector.

Injector Leakage

An injector leak may occur if an o-ring between the injector and the fuel rings becomes brittle and cracks from the pressure of the heat. This will cause the injector fuel to leak out, resulting in low levels of fluid and low pressure, which can cause the engine to misfire.

Driving Habits

Heat sink injector clogging is often more severe in cars that are taken out on short trips and then allowed to park for about 45 minutes or more. This creates a heat sink environment which can damage the injector nozzles and pintles. Cars driven in the city are more susceptible to this, so it is important to bring your vehicle to our auto service to get the fuel injector cleaned and maintained.

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