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Four-wheel drive vehicles are the vehicle of choice if you want excellent performance on rugged terrain or want your vehicle to carry heavy loads, like off-roading and towing. A four-wheel drive offers more grip and traction on icy, muddy, wet, and rough road conditions since the system provides more power to all four wheels of the vehicle as compared to regular vehicles where power is given to two wheels only.

Because of this difference, four-wheel drives have different maintenance aspects and costs. At Jason’s Auto Service, we offer you four-wheel ride maintenance and repair services in Hollis Center and Biddeford, ME.

How Do Four-Wheel Drive Systems Work?

Four-wheel drive systems allow equal spinning power to all four wheels in the vehicle. These vehicles are equipped with a transfer case that stops the front wheel and rear wheel axles from spinning at different speeds and delivers the necessary torque for the required amount of traction.

Four-wheel drives come in different models which use various technologies based on the performance needs of the drivers. Some four-wheel-drive systems have differential locking systems that ensure both wheels on the axle turn together to achieve maximum traction on the road. Others have a limited-slip differential, which can detect a slip or skid of one wheel and send an adjusting torque to the other wheel to offset it and maintain traction.

Four-wheel drive mode should not be used on paved, hard roads as it can cause excessive wear and tear. Drivers have the option to turn on the front-wheel-drive mechanism manually or use an automatic hub to adjust the front wheel for the 4WD model.

At Jason’s Auto Service, we have a team of mechanics that can service all types of four-wheel-drive mechanisms.

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Issues That Occur in Four-Wheel Drives

Four-wheel drives are designed to carry heavy loads. However, over time, this extra burden can result in sagging springs in the suspension. If this is not treated, it can result in damage to the chassis.

If you have driven the vehicle on wet and muddy roads, the bottom of the road may have rust. In addition, these vehicles need more maintenance since they have extra parts like a transfer case, differential, and more. It is important that you get them properly maintained at regular intervals. The chassis of your vehicle will also wear out over time if you are in the habit of driving hard or if you have neglected its maintenance. Inspect the vehicle for cracks, particularly where the chassis outrigger is connected to the frame of the vehicle. 

Also, check for signs of corrosion over other parts of the vehicle’s body as well as the dents.

Signs Your Four-Wheel Drive Needs Servicing

  • Your 4WD mode is always on and won’t disengage out of the drive
  • You hear a rattling noise in the 4WD mode
  • You notice reduced traction on muddy or snowy terrain
  • The Service 4WD indicator light turns on in the dashboard
  • There is a decrease in gas mileage and low fuel efficiency
  • Your front tires are excessively worn down

At Jason’s Auto Service, we understand it is very important to maintain an efficient 4WD system. Our team of expert mechanics understands that transfer cases are prone to heat and friction damage that can have a negative impact on the fluid used in 4WD systems. If the fluid in the transfer case is contaminated or low, we can help.

Our team will also inspect all other components of the 4WD systems, including the gears, hubs, and shafts.

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If you are experiencing issues disengaging from 4WD mode or notice low performance in the mode, then it is time for you to get your vehicle serviced.