Differential Repair & Service

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At Jason’s Auto Service, we strongly recommend getting your differential repaired if you are experiencing any issues while driving, particularly when making turns.

Not many car owners know what a differential is so it is one of the most overlooked aspects of your vehicle when it comes to maintenance. So before you can understand why it is important to get your differential maintained, you need to know what it actually is.

What is a Differential?

The differential is a mechanism that allows your outer wheel to move at a faster speed than your inner wheel when making a turn. If your car is making a left turn, for example, the left wheels will need to cover a longer distance and hence spin at a faster rate than the right wheels on the car. This is where the differential comes in.

A car’s differential will allow the wheels to spin at varying speeds and prevent skipping on turns.

Problems Associated with a Bad Differential

Just like any other component of the car, the differential also needs inspection and maintenance from time to time. If not, it can lead to several problems that can affect your vehicle’s performance, your control on the road, and the safety of the passengers.

Some common issues related to bad differential include:

Oil Leak

The differential system is operated with the help of differential oil. If this oil is leaking, you may see it dripping down from your car at one of the axles. If this happens, you need to bring your car in for repair immediately.

Strange Noises

If you hear a strange whirring or rumbling noise when your car is traveling at 15 mph, then there may be an issue with the differential. You may also hear a high-pitched squealing or whirring noise when you accelerate your car or banging noise when cornering.


If you experience your car vibrating while driving, this could be due to a damaged differential. Your car may even skip a bit when taking sharp turns, which is the biggest sign that something may be wrong with a differential.

Bad Odor

If the differential oil is old and has not been replaced in a while, it can emit a strange, burning odor. If you notice this smell, it is time for you to get your differential system inspected.

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Why Should You Get a Differential Service?

The differential oil uses an oil that is much thicker than the oil that is used in the engine. Changing the differential oil is important since, like most car fluids, it can become contaminated or wear thin. Without the differential oil, the system will start having metal-on-metal contact, which can damage the components.

In general, a vehicle’s differential needs to be changed every 50,000 miles. However, other factors also come into play like the travel conditions and road debris, which can mean a more frequent change of differential.

Schedule a Differential Service With Us

Scheduling a differential service with Jason’s Auto Service will include draining out the contaminated fluid from the differential system and replacing it with a compatible new fluid. During the inspection, we will also check your steering and suspension components as well to ensure you will have no problems controlling your car on the road.

We also highly recommend getting your tires rotated at the same time in order to help you remember to get your differential service at the right time.

Are you looking to get your differential services in Hollis Center and Biddeford? Reach out to us today for an estimate.