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Your vehicle operates in various temperatures and environments, putting a lot of pressure on your engine, which can heat up. It’s where a coolant enters the picture. Coolant or antifreeze is what keeps your vehicle’s cooling system functioning. It reduces the heat your engine produces and keeps everything running smoothly. 

Without it, your vehicle’s engine will overheat, resulting in damaged gaskets, warped heads, and eventual engine failure. It must also protect your cooling system’s components from corrosion. Jason’s Auto Service has the insight, experience, and coolant varieties to help you make the right choice for your vehicle and perform a seamless coolant flush to keep things running smoothly.

Does Engine Coolant Go Bad & How Often Do You Need the Coolant/Antifreeze Service

Engine coolant or radiator coolant certainly goes bad as older fluid can get contaminated by scaling or rust, which affects its resistance to boiling and freezing. It can cause acid buildup. Deteriorated antifreeze can cause your engine to run hotter than usual or keep the engine from starting in colder weather. Most vehicles need a coolant service when they near or go past 100,000 miles. Older vehicles might need a coolant flush more regularly.

Signs Your Vehicle Needs a Coolant/Antifreeze Service

  • Your vehicle’s antifreeze is leaking and creating a puddle underneath your vehicle. It will have a green or orange hue.
  • Your engine’s getting hotter, and the temperature gauge is reading hotter than usual with a running engine
  • A grinding noise is coming from underneath your vehicle’s hood
  • Steam and a boiling maple syrup-like smell are coming from the engine
  • Rust bits or flakes are starting to show up in the coolant liquid
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What Does Our Coolant Service Include

Our coolant/antifreeze service involves draining and refilling your car’s cooling system with a new coolant. During the service, our technician will thoroughly inspect your cooling system to ensure it is functioning properly. We will then remove the antifreeze/coolant from the system and radiator, replacing it with new fluid. This method is known as a coolant drain and fill and costs less than a coolant flush.

If you need a more effective coolant service, you should choose our antifreeze flush. In a coolant/antifreeze flush, our seasoned technician will begin by ensuring your coolant is not leaking from anywhere. If they spot a leak, they will repair it. Once they are sure there is no larger system issue, the technician will remove all of your old, burn radiator coolant. 

Then, they will use premium-level solutions to eliminate the dirt, debris, rust, sludge, and buildup in your cooling system. The technician or mechanic will then finish the coolant flush process by adding fresh coolant to your radiator and engine. They will mix it with a conditioner to keep it protected for a long while and improve your vehicle’s performance. 

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So, if you need a professional coolant flush or regular antifreeze service, get in touch with Jason’s Auto Service. Our technicians will fix your cooling system damage and perform a quick antifreeze flush to keep your vehicle performing optimally.