Expert ABS Maintenance

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Most vehicles, SUVs, and trucks feature an anti-lock brake system (ABS) to help you maintain your vehicle’s control when braking. Jason’s Auto Service has seasoned and skilled technicians trained to offer effective ABS service and repair. If the ABS light on your dash comes on, visit our auto repair shop to have your ABS checked.

What Does ABS Do?

The antilock brake system installed in your vehicle monitors the speed of every wheel and keeps them turning at the same speed by increasing or decreasing the brake fluid to your brakes. This braking mechanism helps you maintain control of your vehicle, preventing the car from skidding. ABS keeps your wheels from locking up when you have to brake suddenly. 

In such instances, your brakes locking up can result in accidents. ABS keeps you safe and allows you to stop your vehicle at the shortest possible distance while maintaining positive steering control. It’s especially effective on slippery and wet surfaces. Today, ABS has become standard in almost all vehicles. 

This brake system uses the electrical, computer, and hydraulic systems to operate. Essentially, the ABS technology automates threshold braking practiced by skilled drivers, enabling everyone to benefit from a high safety standard.  

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Reasons for Your ABS to Malfunction

Here are some reasons for your ABS malfunctioning and your brakes locking up:

  • Faulty Wheel Speed Sensor: An older ABS often malfunctions because of faulty wheel speed sensors. These are situated close to the brakes and can ensure the wheels rotate simultaneously. However, because of the high temperatures generated by the brakes, these sensors can overheat and break down. 
  • Damaged Wiring: Damaged wiring or poor connection from the wheel speed sensor to the ABS control unit can cause corrosion. At times, rodents can chew through the wires and cause your ABS to malfunction.
  • Clogged Brake Line Valves: Clogged valves in the vehicle’s brake line can keep brake fluid from reaching the brakes, causing your ABS to malfunction and making it hard to brake your vehicle when required.
  • Low Battery Voltage: It might cause your ABS lights to switch on. 

Other parts of the antilock brake system can get damaged or stop working overtime. You should bring your vehicle in for a quick ABS inspection and subsequent repairs if needed.

ABS System Maintenance & Replacement

ABS is inarguably one of the most critical safety features in a vehicle. If your braking system is troubling you, bring your vehicle to us. Our experienced technicians will thoroughly inspect and maintain your ABS to ensure its smooth and safe functionality. We will clean the sensors monitoring wheel speed, so they are free of grime and dirt. 

Our highly qualified and certified technicians will also top off the brake fluids, inspect and repair the seals and gaskets, and make the necessary replacements. We will check the processors and system voltage to identify all malfunctioning components.

Need ABS Maintenance?

If you believe your ABS is not working optimally or the ABS light on your dash is switched on, bring your vehicle to our certified technicians. We will inspect the system, diagnose the problem, and fix it right away to ensure your safety on the road.